Philly Museum Craft Show

I’m in the midst of making work to take to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. The show runs from November 10 – 13 in the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

I’m excited to go back with some recently evolved pieces. The photos shown here are a pitcher in progress. I’ve been having fun with this variation of the spout, wide and snub-nosed and spanning one side of the squared body of the pitcher. Other new forms in the works include the coffee pot promised in a previous post, and serving dishes built in slump molds made from foam insulation board.

Cups and Coffee in Philadelphia

When Naomi Cleary and Co. at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia dreamed up this show they didn’t just how perfectly it fits my lifestyle. Not only is it a cup show with coffee in the title, they served freshly roasted (and brewed) coffee in the aforementioned cups at the opening. AND each cup purchased comes with a complimentary 1/4 pound of coffee from Old City Coffee.

Coffee has often been an impetus for my work, not only a stimulant. In addition to mugs, I am currently working on the next generation of the Stoveside Coffee Pot that I’ve made in the past. The next version will be a stack of cubes to brew coffee through and into. Look for photos in the coming weeks. Enjoy a browse of Cups and Coffee. By the way, the announcement above was made by The Clay Studio, it appears that they made a personalized invitation for each artist in the show. Pretty classy. Be sure to enlarge the announcement to read the description of the show.


La Mesa @ NCECA

This postcard image just showed up in my inbox from Santa Fe Clay. Below are the 3 faces of the vase that I sent for this show.