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Ceramic Arts Daily Presents published these videos in early 2013. Hybrid Pottery features my techniques for constructing an oil bottle and trivet, a square teapot, a serving dish, and a box. All of the pieces are wheel thrown and altered and incorporate the slab built spouts, lids, pulled handles and a foam insulation drop mold for the serving dish. I also demonstrate and demystify mixing, coloring, and applying terra sigilllata.  Further surfacing techniques include texturing, wax resist, patina inlay, and glazing . This is a three hour 2-DVD set available in hard copy or download at Ceramic Arts Daily. Click on the image below for a sample.

dvd screen shot






Getting Creative with Spouts and Handles is a compilation of demonstrations by Suze Lindsay, Lorna Meaden, Mike Jabbur and myself. I demonstrate a Blunt Nose Pitcher similar to the one on the cover of the January/February 2013 Pottery Making Illustrated.  This 2-DVD set comprised of four 45 minute segments is available in hard copy or download at Ceramic Arts Daily. The clip below shows how I build a spout using slabs and a paper template.


dvd Screen shot 2

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