Minneapolis and Oxford Shows Open Tuesday, May 5th

Niel Hora

Niel Hora

Southside Gallery in Oxford, Mississippi is hosting “Contain and Deliver” curated by Bayard Morgan and Jane Hart G. Morgan. It will be on display from May 5 through June 12.

Caroline Cercone

Caroline Cercone

This group show will feature work by Liz Sparks, Caroline Cercone, Ashley Chavis, Will Cook, Marty Fielding, Jane Hart G. Morgan, Niel Hora, Jay Jensen, Ky Johnston, Paul Moeller, Wendy Olson, Joe Singewald, Rachel Sonenbloom, and Bayard Morgan.

If you’re in the area, a visit to the gallery will be well worth the trip to see a diverse group of good pots.

American Pottery Festival Preview

Kari Radasch

Kari Radasch

The Northern Clay Center is putting up a preview of the American Pottery Festival show that happens in September. The APF Preview opens May 5th and runs through the 31st. To quote the NCC:

As always, an outstanding roster of potters will be featured, including Minnesota’s own Warren MacKenzie. Festival-goers will enjoy a rich variety of work—some by established potters who have achieved a high level of excellence in the ceramic arts, and some exciting, new work by emerging artists. Participating potters include Chuck Aydlett (MN), Wayne Branum (WI), Sam Chung (AZ), Naomi Cleary (PA), Steven Colby (CO), Josh DeWeese (MT), Paul Eshelman (IL), Marty Fielding (VT), Marlene Jack (VA), Julie Johnson (NY), Gail Kendall (NE), Forrest Lesch-Middleton (CA), Warren MacKenzie (MN), Matthew Metz (NY), Sequoia Miller (WA), Joseph Pintz (OH), Kari Radasch (ME), Davie Reneau (KY), Steven C. Rolf (WI), Hide Sadohara (NY), Albion Stafford (NY), Shoko Teruyama (NC), and Betsy Williams (NM).

Sequoia Miller

Sequoia Miller


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