What I Did at Summer Camp


To finish the series of posts from Austria, I’ll log the last one from home in Vermont. These images are of the finished pieces from Hotel Pupik. They were taken at the Hotel Pupik Presentation on July 18 & 19. The room where they are shown is the upstairs of what was once a barn and the floor is supported by cross vault arches built in the 17th century.



I have to send thanks to Angelika Fritz of Murau, Austria for firing these for me on very short notice. She started the kiln on Thursday evening and hand delivered them onf Friday just before the presentation began. As fire is the 4th and arguably the most important element in the process, it wouldn’t have been possible without you, Angelika.  Thank you so much.

For more images of the presentation  and a list of the other artists, check out David Murobi’s photography site.

Also, read the musings of Tiffany Rhynard, my wife, on  her Austrian choreograghy experience at www.bigapensemble.com.

Now that I’m home, I look forward to seeing what happens with these ideas that were planted six time zones from home.  I picked up a supply of clay today and tomorrow starts a new cycle of work in my own studio.

Auf Wiedersehen.