Solo Show at The Artisan Gallery


This is the work I delivered to lovely Northampton, Mass on Tuesday. It was a pretty drive through the Green Mountains as Fall is arriving and patches of orange and red are visible on the hillside. The show opened on Friday and runs through Nov. 8.

Tiffany, Isa and I will be going back on October 10th for the Opening Reception where I will likely be upstaged once again by my adorable 11 month old daughter – and rightly so.

This cycle brought out some new vases, serving dishes, and box forms as well as a transparent satin matt glaze, a white terra sigillata and a heavier dose of a dijon colored glaze than usual.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to show in this great gallery in this hip little New England town. Check out the website for The Artisan Gallery. If this is your neck of the woods, please stop by and take a look.

1 thought on “Solo Show at The Artisan Gallery

  1. martay, these pots look so sweet…wish i could fondle…err, handle them. hope the show is a sellout. rondo

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