Award for CVPS Cow Power

CVPS Cow Power named Utility Green Power Program of the Year

The sustainable electricity that  lights my house and studio, fires my kiln, charges my iPod, and cooks my breakfast come from Central Vermont Power Service and is generated by collecting and burning methane from Vermont dairy farms.

Click on the image for a link to CVPS.

The award was presented at the Department of Energy’s “Renewable Energy Markets 2009 ” conference in September:

“The Department of Energy appluads CVPS Cow Power for taking a leading role in advancing markets for renewable energy. Green Power is an effective way for households and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, while creating jobs and cutting pollution. Through this innovative program, CVPS is responding to growing demand for clean, reliable electricity from our nation’s abundant renewable energy resources.”
– Dr. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy

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