Baltimore or Bust

So, I’m in the home stretch in preparations for the American Craft Council show in Baltimore. I’ll be hanging out, talking shop, & selling work in the Baltimore Convention Center from 2/22 – 2/26. Tuesday and Wednesday are open to gallery owners/managers/buyers and Thursday – Sunday are open to the public. Whichever your affiliation, stop by and see me in booth #2408.

Here are a few shots of the ware rack last night as glazing is underway. The first of 2 kilns is nearly ready to load and fire and the second will be warming up on Friday.

This is some dinnerware that was painted with a white terra sigillata and panels or circles in black slip. The first step after the bisque firing is applying a black wash over the entire piece and sponging it off. The surface is textured and the stain stays in the low areas. These fine black lines should be clear when you enlarge the image. These will have either red or turquoise accents. The red is applied under the clear glaze and the turquoise works best over the glaze.  When they are fired they should look similar to these cups.

In addition to these plates and bowls, there are pitchers, teapots-round and square, oil bottles, vases, and serving dishes, and lots of cups in the works. If you’re in the B’more vicinity, please stop by and say hello.

2 thoughts on “Baltimore or Bust

  1. I have fond memories of my years going to the Charm City and the Inner Harbor. But I must say, I feel privileged to find other ways to hustle my work these days. The ACC show was fun, but too big, and too expensive.

    I wish you GOOD luck while you “hang out, talk shop, and (most importantly) sell work”

    The pots look great, as always.

  2. MIchael,
    Thanks for the good wishes, and though I know it’s been a while since we saw each other there, I miss bumping into you around the Hall F.

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