A New Magazine Article Coming Next Week

This is the first page of an article I wrote for the July/August issue of Pottery Making Illustrated. The magazine should hit mailboxes in a week. Until then (and after), the rest of the article can be viewed on the Publications page of this website. It is a step-by-step explanation of the techniques I use in making boxes.

I’d like to thank my good friends Niel Hora for his honest and very helpful proofreading skills and Fred Lower for photographing the process.

Renewable Energy…Possibly in a Powerline Near You

I was just doing a little research into the number of renewable energy options offered by electric utilities are out there. This is what I found:


It is a US Department of Energy site that put up this long list of “State-Specific Utility Green Pricing Programs”. It’s exciting to see how many programs are available. It also shows the cost and many are 4 cents or less per kilowatt hour. The sources are everything from wind to hydro to landfill gas to cow patties. If you want to know your options, click on over.