architecTONIC Opens April 4th

The culmination of almost 3 years of graduate research and experimentation at the University of Florida will be emerging from the kiln early next week. Some trays, stands and display furniture will be finished shortly after. Amazingly all of this will be ready for the opening reception at Charlie Cummings Gallery on April 4th.

The details are on the images above. Please feel free to share them, or contact me to join my email list or give me your mailing address and I’ll send you an invitation.

If you’re close enough to make the trip to Gainesville, please stop by.

Digital Fabrication

I have been incorporating some new technology in my work. These photos show some of the process from digital modeling to CNC milling, laser cutting and 3-D printing. I am enjoying the contrast between cutting edge and age-old technologies. The precision of computer guided machining juxtaposed to the handmade is compelling, as well. Some finished work with digitally fabricated trays are at the end of the show. More to come…

There is a short video of the CNC mill in action here.